Serenity Real Estate Investing

  • Interested in purchasing some real estate in Davao City?
  • Want to buy some off-shore property for which you don’t have to do much more than transfer money and sign some papers?
  • Got your eyes on the very lucrative price increases real estate in this city has seen?
  • Want to buy a luxury loft now to rent out for passive income, and retire in it later on?

Serenity Relocation can help you with that!

We can arrange the purchase of a condominium in Davao City, Philippines for you.

And you never even have to enter the country to do so.

Let us know:

  • what kind of condo you want
  • what your budget is
  • if you have a specific area in mind
  • every other preference you can think of

and we go hunting.

Once we find a suitable investment to your liking, we can handle all the paper work for you. We’ll talk to the real estate agency, get all the papers, send them to you, and you can sign it all from wherever you want.

Things to keep in mind

  • As a foreigner, you can only purchase condominiums. Land and houses are not available.
  • We also offer property management services. This means we find a renter, take care of repairs, taxes, bills, and so on. The rent goes straight to you. A very convenient way to earn a passive income!
  • We never handle any of the “big money”. You send the real estate payments directly to the owner/real estate agency.
  • A legally binding contract between Serenity Relocation and you will be drawn up by a lawyer and then notarized.
  • Our fee for handling all of the requirements of purchasing real estate is a modest 2% of the investment price. So if you invest $20,000, you only have to pay us $400 for the whole thing. We think that is a fair price.
  • Investing in real estate in Davao City has been a very lucrative option for many years for many people. As an example, the condos we purchased a few years ago for Serenity Relocation have doubled in value so far. However, this is in no way a guarantee that the same results will keep occurring. All investments carry risk.

Basic ($680/mo)

Deluxe ($980/mo)

Premium ($1,480/mo)

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