We are hiring!

We are looking for 1 Hostess


As a hostess, you’d be responsible for at least one client. Your job would consist of, but not be limited to:

  • Cooking and delivering food daily
  • Doing laundry twice per week
  • Going on island-hopping trips
  • Airport pickup (possibly late at night or early in the morning, only once per client)
  • Going shopping (with clients)
  • Showing clients around town
  • Cleaning a client’s condo once per week
  • Taking clients to view potential apartments/condos
  • Helping clients with things like visa renewal, finding a gym, opening a bank account
  • Finding new clients through social media
  • Dealing with concerns and feedback clients might have


  • Flexible working hours: you’d have to cook food every day and deliver it on time, but other than that you’d have relative freedom in your own schedule – as long as the tasks get done and the clients are happy. Sometimes you’ll be working 40h-weeks. Others, you’ll only be busy for 25h
  • Main area of operations is near Abreeza
  • A chance to meet people from all over the world
  • Attractive base salary: starting at 12k for a probationary period, after that it goes up to 15k
  • Commissions: you get a 3k commission per client per month, AND a 5k commission per new client you find
  • Access to a gym and pool: you can use the communal gym and pool from our base of operations
  • A non-boring job: you’re not going to have to spend 8 hours per day sitting on a desk. You’ll be going around town and doing varied jobs
  • Island-hopping tours with every client, paid for by the company


We are looking for a hostess who:

  • Speaks English well: It does not have to be perfect, but you need to be able to communicate fluently with us and with the clients. You will need to maintain a mien of professionalism
  • Has a friendly disposition: You’ll be representing the company in front of clients, so it’s important you’re a friendly and cheerful person
  • Is reliable: The client’s happiness is of paramount importance, so you need to be sticking to your appointments with them
  • Has a sharp wit: We don’t want navel-gazers
  • Can cook and clean properly: You’ll be preparing meals daily, so if all you can do is cook rice and throw some hot-dogs on top, you won’t be considered
  • Is flexible: If you want a simple 9-5 job, this position is not for you. You might need to be at the airport at 3am to pick up a client at some point, so if that is a problem, please do not apply. Of course, this will not happen often (if at all), but it
  • Is younger than 30 years old
  • Takes initiative and actively contributes to the company: If you notice something that can be improved in our service, we expect you to bring it up. We value input tremendously and you’ll be rewarded for it.

If you’re interested, please send us an e-mail at serenityrelocation@gmail.com with your resume and a few paragraphs introducing yourself and why you’d be a good fit.

If you apply without the requirements you won’t be considered.